HAND BOOK 1 / PSR-S975/775
Hand book for the Yamaha PSR-S975/775/970/770 with clearly presented content and many pictures for easy working with the instrument. Practical tips and tricks, made of professionals, which offer to you optimized workflow to all basic functions.

• First settings
• User interface
• Personal adjustments
• General operation
• Optimized workflow
• Workshops for operations
• Software-Download
Available in music stores, languages:
HAND BOOK 2 / PSR-S975/775
Available in music stores, languages:
Hand book for the Yamaha PSR-S975/775/970/770. Even clearly presented and full of tips and hints. Insider workflow for e.g. multi-pads, accordion world, organ sounds, registration memories and much more functions and features.

• Own Multi-Pads / Audio Link Multi Pad
• Registration Memories extended features
• Build your own accordion-world
• Build your own organ-sounds
• Style Reference List
• Tips and hints for insider
• Much more features