GENOS Handbook1

Produktinformationen "GENOS Handbook1"

This practice book will show you at the beginning the differences to the previous Tyros.

Before you dive into the multitude of possibilities, you will adjust your instrument to your needs,

so that in the future you can reach your desired playing environment with just one keystroke.

Furthermore, you will receive valuable tips for the most important basic functions.


-    All topics explained in closed workshops

-    Helpful hints & tricks

-    130 pages in a high-quality ring binder

-    Download link for accompanying software for your control



-    Screen operation: What options does the touch display offer me?

-    Setting up the Genos: Setting the time, language, integration into a network, etc.

-    Personal environment: Assignment of free keys with frequently used functions

-    Voice Select: Shows the different options for selecting voices

-    One Touch Setting: The fastest way to get a suitable register for a style

-    Multi Pads: Use and musical possibilities of the four Multi Pad places

-    Harmony/Echo/Arpeggiator: Playing polyphonic voicings with only one finger

-    Microphone: Functions with explanations for the use of the microphone

-    Vocal Harmony: First steps to sing polyphonic voicings

-    Registration Memory: Create/save registrations incl. names with concept

-    Playlist: Saving and finding registrations with songs/texts in lists in a meaningful way

-    and much more